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Case Study!

Conference, Hybrid Event, Kick Off: LevelAccess Case Study

A complex 3-day hybrid accessible conference for 500 pax


After two prominent companies merged in the Digital Accessibility space, they organized a 3-day conference to launch their newly combined company’s branding and identity as well as build relationships within the team. The conference was held in Las Vegas, and the goal was to bring as many people as possible to one location. However, they knew that not everyone would be able to travel to Las Vegas – so an important deliverable was to cater to these different needs and ensure that online streaming sessions integrated seamlessly with onsite logistics. Chill Out! was pleased to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the client and attendees.

“We loved working with Chill Out! A great job done in such a short time – thanks for all your help and here’s to the next time.” 

The Brief

The client had already made a direct booking for the Las Vegas venue. Chill Out! was brought in at relatively short notice in late October to organize the event, which was scheduled to take place two months later in January. Of course, with the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays coming in between, it was quite a tight schedule.

The Spec

  • A 3-day event with general plenary and over 10 breakout spaces
  • 500+ total delegates with 400 onsite and 100+ online around the globe
  • Registration website for onsite and online attendance
  • On-site venue, hotel, and transport management
  • Evening reception management
  • Bespoke branded SWAG bags to every delegate
  • Staging and AV plus seamless virtual online streaming

The Challenges

  • Short timescales for such a large conference
  • Coordinating live and online sessions across 3 days
  • No time or budget to allow for pre-event site visits and assessments
  • Ensuring a fully accessible (both onsite and online) conference for all attendees

The Chill Out! Solution

Planning the Planning

Given the short time frame and the long holiday season, it was crucial for everyone to be aware of their tasks and deadlines, and to adhere to them strictly. We established a communication process and protocols and provided regular updates. We closely monitored the progress of anything on the critical path and addressed any obstacles that arose.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Ensuring a smooth arrival for delegates meant that significant emphasis was placed on the airports arrivals and transfer process. As they had different arrival times and transportation requirements, we arranged for a variety of transport options. Our local destination management partner and a transportation company helped us to ensure that all delegates were transported to the hotel without any waiting time. Our emphasis on brand visibility at the airport also helped us to assist many people arriving for the event and guide them in the right direction.

The Conference and Break Out Rooms

Las Vegas and The Mirage Hotel are great places to host conferences because of the abundance of space available. However, the downside is that it can be difficult to keep delegates together and focused due to the many distractions present. With a main plenary suite, over 10 breakout rooms, and more than 400 delegates, we ensured that there was enough branded signage and a sufficient number of well-trained event support staff to guide everyone to their respective destinations, on time and without stress.

Las Vegas – Something for Everyone

During the planning, we realised that many delegates would be travelling with partners and carers. We suggested a coffee morning for all the partners to meet each other and get some guidance on how they could entertain themselves in Vegas while their partners were attending the sessions. We also provided a service for finding and booking dinner venues. There’s a lot more to see in Vegas than just slot-machines and gambling – although there is plenty of that too!

Making Accessibility Accessible to All

Given the nature of their business, a high proportion of attendees are people with specific needs and requirements. Working with our client, we made sure all elements of the entire three days were accessible for all, including:

  • Closed captions on all presentations
  • Every stage performance was described verbally
  • Onsite staff training to ensure inclusivity
  • Quiet rooms were available throughout the event
  • Clear walkways and grid layouts to ensure easy navigation
  • Clear and contrasting signage backed up by well-briefed staff

As accessibility becomes more commonplace for event planners, it is important to consider these techniques for your events.

Chill Out! has a network of trusted suppliers and venues worldwide. For this event, we brought in a long-term AV partner with expertise in hybrid technology and hotel networks. Their AV worked seamlessly both on stage and online throughout the event.

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