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Our vision

To lead by example and demonstrate our commitment to the environment by taking internal, positive and measurable sustainable actions, while guiding and educating our clients on carbon reducing event practices.

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Our promise to you

Running sustainable events is a priority for Chill Out! Event Management and is becoming a consideration for our clients. We recognise the crucial need to develop more sustainable practices and follow guiding principles to help us achieve our vision.

As a company, we are driving forward with our own journey to reduce our emissions. We have devised a sustainability roadmap, that will see us take big strides in reducing our carbon footprint throughout 2024 and beyond.

As part of our action plan, we have begun to measure, track and reduce our emissions using a digital sustainability platform. As a team, we are taking proactive approaches to reduce our waste and increase our recycling. Throughout 2024, we are working toward switching to fully renewable electricity.

Sustainable practice training for our people is underway to ensure they can follow more sustainable practices. We are starting a programme that will help us identify the ESG credentials of our suppliers to ensure we are working with only the most environmentally and socially conscious partners.

As part of our commitment to our sustainability plan, we will also be getting involved with local community projects. We have also devised five key principles, which we as a business are committing ourselves to from 2024 and beyond:

1. Recycling waste

We are working hard to tailor our event services to promote waste education and management. Maximising recycling, aiming for a zero waste to landfill approach and reducing waste disposal costs at events are just three ways we help clients make a difference

2. Local produce and production

Investigating, engaging and utilising local, sustainable and compostable raw materials and venue suppliers can encourage a focus on reducing over-production and processing at events.

3. Developing a circular business model

We are actively looking at how we can adapt the sustainable strategies set down in the idea of a circular economy to our business and the lifecycle of an event. We are determined to help minimise environmental impact and resource use; whilst improving waste management.

Keys to circularity

  • Resource efficiency
  • Durability and repairability
  • Reduce and substitute materials
  • Prevent and reduce waste
  • Recycling

4. Providing engaging and memorable experiences

We still want to ensure that we make our client events purposeful, stylish and memorable experiences. While ensuring that an environmental consciousness is deployed by everyone involved.

5. Collaborative power

We believe that only by working together with clients, partners, suppliers and associates can we make a change to the way in which we organise, operate and run an event business.

The Sustainable Events Management Model (SEMM)

The development of the Sustainable Event Management Model (SEMM) was guided by several theoretical and practical perspectives: project management, sustainability, event management, innovation and lean development, all used to construct this in-depth guide that can be tailored to different events management requirements. The SEMM development as a whole was guided by the Sustainable Project Management Model (Salama, 2018). In addition, several practices and methodologies were adapted from various frameworks as detailed in the next section.

SEMM consists of two core layers. Each layer comprises 14 dimensions, each embracing four scope components that diffuse over the three phases of the event management lifecycle (pre, during and post). At the core, the model encapsulates: the Dimensions layer that represents the main functional areas within the event management process and the Scope layer that represents the scope components and elements within each function.

Expanding from the core, each dimension (functional area) along with its scope components diffuses into the pre, during and post-event deliverables as three interconnected phases.

Together we can make a difference

As part of our journey, we want to support you by educating you with information and guidance that will help you identify the key factors in minimising the environmental impact of your events. Something that we feel is achievable.

It’s also important to Chill Out! that we promote environmental and social responsibility through event planning, management and delivery processes. For this reason, we have put together a guide to ‘making your event sustainable’.

We help our clients in measuring the carbon emissions of their event, providing a detailed report on the environmental impact of that event alongside how it can be reduced next time around. We hope that you find our guide a useful document.

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To find out more about how we can support you in ensuring your events are more sustainable, please reach out to us via