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Case Study!

Exhibitions: Seequent Case Study

Taking a shell scheme to new heights


A shell-scheme stand is a cost-effective way to showcase your brand at exhibitions. However, it can be challenging to stand out among other similar exhibitors. Our case study can help you make the most of your shell-scheme stand.

Our client, Seequent (the Bentley Subsurface company), attended the EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) conference and expo in Madrid, Spain. This was the first event in a series of exhibitions that they attended throughout Europe. Their main objective was to enhance brand recognition and increase market awareness for their wide range of products. This was our first project with a new client, who was referred to us by a long-standing contact.

It was a great collaboration and the client’s EMEA Regional Segment Manager was kind enough to recognise the efforts of his own team and Chill Out! in making this happen:

“The degree of collaboration that went into bringing this event together and delivering it was quite something.”

We had only 8 weeks to organise this event. We anticipated logistics and shipping issues due to the new customs rules between the UK and Europe. The client required spaces for small presentations throughout the day, as well as room for individual discussions or 1-1 demos. We suggested a welcome desk as a focal point for customers approaching the stand. The space was a standard double-width shell scheme, advantageously located at the end of an aisle of similar stands.

The Spec

  • Shell-scheme stand fit-out
  • Liaison with exhibition organisers
  • Graphics design, printing, layout and fitting of stand
  • Sourcing of branded material and giveaways
  • Furniture provision and placement
  • Shipping and logistics

The Challenges

  • Relatively short timescales – 8 weeks from initial meeting to exhibition day
  • Limitations on stand layout to conform with exhibition rules
  • Last minute changes to graphics designs to accommodate a change in stand layout
  • European rules for shipping goods into the EU

Taking a Stand – read the manual!

Exhibition organisers provide a stand guide/manual with rules and regulations for attendees. It covers health & safety, power, shipping, and suppliers. Ask the organisers if something is unclear. Reading the manual saves time and money by avoiding missed deadlines.

This manual explains the flexibility and creativity you can use in designing your stand. For example, can you remove the shell-scheme and create a more bespoke stand? Other areas covered include:

  • Can the roof be removed? Do they allow above standard height displays?
  • Can you cover up the (usually very boring) front signage?
  • Can the carpet or the floor material be removed and replaced? Can graphics be laid on the floor?
  • Can you cover up the stand poles and supports to allow continuous graphics? We often do this with additional separate ‘false wall’ style standing banners.

To meet customer needs, we suggested an informal presentation area with cube stools and a 1-1 area for conversations. We also added a reception desk to make it clear where to get help and capture delegate details.

Stand graphics – don’t overdo it

We made the back wall of the stand look much more integrated by overlaying it with a single sweep of graphics from the customer’s library. We also utilised the floorspace to showcase the customer’s various product brands, which are already recognised in their marketplace. However, these products might not be associated in the visitor’s mind with the company brand.

Our graphics were designed with one objective in mind – to attract people to the stand. We did not try to cram too much information into them, as we were not expecting visitors to read long lists of bullet points. Instead, we made a branded infographic easily available for passers-by to pick up.


One of the most useful things in most exhibitor’s information pack or manual is exactly how to address material to ship to your stand. In some cases, such as this event, shipping material to the venue was not allowed at all – we had to carry the branded materials ourselves. In other venues it’s possible but with restrictions – and you’ll lose or delay shipments unless you follow the address format.

We now work with EU-based suppliers due to customs rules and shipping challenges. This is logistically easier and helps us meet our sustainability goals which are important to clients.

For event materials, keep recycling in mind. Avoid hundreds of dated brochures, most stands will now have QR codes for accessing information. Quality, useful items are preferred over branded ‘tat’ for gifts and giveaways.

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