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Case Study!

Incentive: Elevating Customer Rewards: An Incentive Trip to Barcelona


Recently, a new client hired us to run a customer incentive program. The reward was a week-long trip to VMware Explore, an industry conference in Barcelona for their top 25 customers.

Incentive trips are such a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and create unforgettable experiences. At Chill Out! we aim to offer a complete service so that you are free to enjoy the incentive and network with your customers. And in terms of locations for incentives – Barcelona is always a favourite with its vibrant culture, historic sights, and flavourful cuisine!

The spec was quite comprehensive and included:

  • Hotel booking and accommodation management
  • Flight bookings and management
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Daily transfers to/from the conference
  • Group dinners
  • In-room gifting
  • Closing party for 130 attendees

Curating the Experience

When joining an incentive trip, we needed the guest’s experience at the forefront of the planning. The guests are giving up several days of their own time to join the trip and therefore the experience needs to be enjoyable and memorable. Incentive trips are not simply a larger-scale reward system, they are experiential gifts that leave a long-lasting imprint on the customers’ memories.  Yet, these aren’t just random experiences. They are thoughtfully curated.

The main reward of this trip was attendance at VMware Explore, a large industry conference. Given the conference was during the day this meant that we had to focus our experiences on the evenings post-conference.

After the conference, we made sure that our guests had some time to freshen up. In addition, we arranged for them to have the opportunity to relax and enjoy some drinks while debriefing about the day’s events. We reserved a space for them at the hotel bar and had cold beers ready for those who wanted to unwind at the rooftop bar.

Furthermore, we organised an evening program that included a group dinner and more networking opportunities. This allowed the attendees to leave the conference centre and experience some of the cultural offerings of Barcelona. They were able to dine together as a group, with a pre-arranged menu that ensured a smooth service for the guests. We also took great care of guests with dietary requirements.

Practical Considerations of Incentive Trips

One of the elements that an event management company can offer on an incentive trip is taking care of the practical details. This encompasses everything from arranging flights and accommodation, fulfilling dietary requirements, and managing potential changes in plans, including, on this occasion, booking flights for a replacement attendee on the morning of the conference!

To begin with, we created a registration page and captured details from the guests including airport flight preferences and accommodation requirements. From there our dedicated event manager liaised with the guests directly to book flights and accommodation for each guest, taking into account any individual requirements.

We also added gifts to the guest’s rooms each day, with practical items like snacks, a rain jacket, a battery pack as well as some treats, and a souvenir recipe book to take home.

Our onsite event manager was also on hand throughout the experience helping the schedule run smoothly and fielding any questions from the guests. A useful Whatsapp group cannot be overlooked in a situation like this!

Celebrating with a Closing Party

Our client requested us to arrange an evening celebration for around 100-130 people, including their incentive guests and other clients attending the conference in Barcelona. Our task was to find an excellent venue in the city that would make for a stunning evening event. Fortunately, we know Barcelona well and are aware of its amazing range of event venues for this type of celebration. After searching, we found a seafood restaurant located on the marina, which had a lovely terrace and seemed perfect for this event.

We improved the venue by adding lighting, branding, signage, and hiring a DJ to kick off the celebrations. The fresh seafood that this venue specialises in was a highlight of the event. The client and customers had a great time while the Chill Out! team managed everything in the background, allowing them to enjoy the event without any worries.

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