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Case Study!

Merchandise & Fulfilment: Coveo & SAP Case Study


Our client Coveo recently partnered with SAP as a SAP Endorsed Partner. They wanted a way of raising awareness and celebrating this partnership amongst colleagues and partners.

They contacted Chill Out to assist in sourcing some gifts, suitable for worldwide distribution as well as the management of the data collection and fulfilment for this process.

A range of gift options were suggested, taking into account the ease of international shipping and availability in various countries. After a process of elimination, we decided on Apple Air Tags, which were to be branded and stored in the UK and then distributed globally as required. As an alternative, we selected a gift basket, which would differ slightly from country to country. The customer would be able to choose the gift of their choice upon registering.

Our digital marketing partner then created a branded website landing page as well as the gift registration form which captured the necessary information from the customers. The client then shared the link on multiple channels with their partners.

Chill Out! smoothly handled the purchase and storage of the gifts as well as sourcing gift partners in other countries where needed. We then managed the process of distributing the gift orders as and when they came in, throughout the year-long campaign.

We are always happy to provide a service to set up gift and prize distribution processes for clients, including Coveo. Recently, VMware used our services to source, store, and distribute prizes for their internal webinar series. As a contributor to the webinar, you had a chance to win a Lego Race Car, Porsche or Mustang. Who wouldn’t want to participate with such a cool prize on offer?

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