So Why Can’t I Just Use Zoom?
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So Why Can’t I Just Use Zoom?

22nd February 2024 Tags: , , ,

So Why Can’t I Just Use Zoom?

It’s all about keeping your audience interested!

Do you watch the TV news? It’s essentially one person presenting to camera using various visual aids – if you were watching online it would be a webinar! And yet they typically use multiple camera angles, an entire virtual studio background plus a whole room full of technical operators switching and mixing content, live, in real-time. They frequently transition between scenes – video clips, other presenters, pictures and graphic displays – using single and split screen views.

So? Why do they put so much effort, technology and investment into a presentation?

To keep you interested!

To keep you engaged and stop you from turning off. If you’ve ever had time to watch our tech team at a live event, they’re busy doing much the same thing from their AV desk at your live stage events. Especially in very large venues, many delegates choose to watch the screen rather than the somewhat distant on-stage presenters. We do the same switching and mixing of content to keep your audience awake and listening to your messages. And that’s at a live event! Trust us – the AV crew and a professional show caller are worth every penny they take from your event budget.

So why should an online presentation need anything less?

How can one presenter, talking into a badly placed laptop camera, with limited quality sound on a Zoom* or similar virtual conference platform, hope to keep a remote audience equally engaged? All while driving their own PowerPoint presentations? And on longer, multi-session material? We’ve all seen enough less-than-engaging webinars to know the answer.

The upside is that you can have many more delegates attend a virtual event for a fraction of the cost of a live event. The downside of course is the difficulty of engaging your remote, on-line audience and keeping them engaged and interested throughout your event.

Invest in your virtual audience and your presenters.

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Given that you are happy to budget significant amounts on a full branded stage set, multi-screen projection, AV staff and all the rest, plus food and beverage throughout the day for a live event, then be prepared to invest at least a small part of that for a professionally hosted and managed virtual event. Everyone will benefit – the presenters, your stakeholders and, most importantly, your audience.

That’s why Chill Out! has worked with our long standing AV partners to create this range of online presentation solutions, including studio quality production and professional direction. It’s all designed to get as close as possible to the real world experience – an experience that delegates are currently missing out on. Contact us today to discuss changing your online experience.

* Other online platforms are also available – and still need our help!