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Company Fun Days: Flight Safety Summer Family Fun Day

A fun day out for all the family


One of the longest-standing events in Chill Out’s! calendar is the Flight Safety Family Fun Day. Aside from the Covid years, we have helped our client with this event for more than 15 years!

Our client Flight Safety delivers professional world-class training to operators of business, regional and commercial aircraft. Every year during the summer they arrange a Family Fun Day for their staff and their families at their premises at Farnborough Airport. The main objective of the day is to encourage families to see where their mums, dads, partners, and grandparents work and share a pleasant, relaxed few hours with colleagues and friends.

The objective was to organise family-friendly activities, provide refreshments, and arrange for basic amenities such as seating, restrooms, shelter for inclement weather, and waste management.

The Venue

We are never challenged by a venue but the field outside the Flight Safety offices does throw up a few more considerations than your 5-star hotel!  Primarily – the weather. As event organisers, we always need to consider Plan B for when the typical British summer throws us a rainy or windy day.  Luckily Flight Safety allowed us to use an empty hangar for when the weather was forecast to be bad.

We also had to overcome tight security requirements due to the venue being on Airport property. Chill Out! was able to capture all supplier’s vehicles and contact details to allow smooth access and therefore a smooth event setup.  We also were required to work around a restriction on staked attractions due to old electricity lines under the field.

Activities galore






Along with the food and drink, the attractions were to be the key drawcards to this event. We offered the client a range of activities that would work well with the venue restrictions and were available in the Farnborough area. They needed to cater from young children to the young-at-heart. We offered them activities on a ‘pick & mix’ type option where the activities could work on their own or they could combine with other activities.

Activities we have provided over the years have included a rodeo bull, balloon blast, Connect4, a gaming van, wipe out, sumo suits and the list goes on. Catering arrangements in 2023 included a pizza van and ice cream van for the little ones!

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