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Case Study!

Exec Dinner: Dell PAC Dinner Thailand

VIP Dinner (with all the extras)


Our client had planned to organise a high-level executive event aimed at bringing together a group of distinguished business executives and senior global leaders. The purpose of this event was to facilitate discussions on the needs and challenges of partners throughout the region. These Partner Advisory Council (PAC) meetings play a crucial role in shaping the company and partner investment strategies for many years to come. As a result, it is a significant commitment by management and partners and is instrumental in driving the company’s growth strategy.

Everything ran brilliantly and we had some lovely customer feedback.

“Thank you Chill Out! for all your help organising our recent PAC. We had great feedback from our partners on the location and the seamless organisation. We could not have done this without your support!”

The Brief

The event featured high-level meeting amenities, a fun and relaxed welcome dinner, and a formal off-site banquet with a walkabout. Chill Out! had previously organised several PAC events in the UK and Europe, so we recognised the significance of this event for the APAC region.

The Specifics

  • 33 delegates
  • All accommodation, travel and transportation
  • Meeting facilities plus informal break out areas
  • Welcome dinner, informal dining plus executive banquet (off-site)
  • Translators as required plus a transcription of the meeting
  • On-site local language plus English speakers
  • Branded themed materials – lanyards, notepaper, pens and signage

The Challenges

Every event comes with its own set of challenges, such as perfecting the venue, working within budget restrictions, and providing attendees with a great experience. For this particular event, finding the right location was a challenge we needed to get right. We needed to find a unique and special location that was still easily accessible to delegates coming from various regions. This also meant coordinating travel and transport arrangements, and providing support for different languages within the group.

We consulted with our local contacts who had previously worked in the region to suggest suitable locations and venues that would meet the requirements of the brief. After reviewing a list of options, we agreed with the client to use the Hyatt Hotel on Phuket Island in Thailand as the best option to meet the travel requirements.

As part of our responsibilities, we coordinated travel, transfers, and transportation for the group. Phuket has a good infrastructure for group travel, but due to the geographic spread and time differences of the various customer and partner delegates, it required a significant amount of coordination with our local contacts and flexible meet-and-greet transportation. However, we were able to ensure that everyone arrived in time to relax before dinner!

The Thai Hospitality

The meeting facilities were inspirational as can be seen from our pictures. We worked closely with both our local agent and the hotel to source multi-lingual translators and transcribers for the meeting. Detailed notes were made available to all delegates shortly after the sessions.

The Sala Bua restaurant in the Impiana Resort provided a spectacular beachfront location for a fabulous meal which impressed everyone – even us! And we’re tough to please!

The central location allowed our delegates to go walkabout and sample the local life in Phuket. Our delegates all managed to rendezvous with the return transport and the business discussions continued happily into the evening back at the hotel.

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